The Dota 2 team says it exercises in a cramped hotel room kitchen for Ti10

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Team Spirit has released a video showing the cramped conditions under which his Dota 2 squad trains and starts for The International 10 in Bucharest, Romania. The manager of the team, Dmitry, Korb3n Belov, also claims that these conditions are not the same for all teams, and claims that organizations that have qualified with less Dota Pro Circuit points were assigned smaller exercise rooms than those who are higher in the DPC ranking.

In the video, Korb3n shows the Russian-Ukrainian squad back to back in the kitchen area of ​​a hotel room. He claims that his players hardly have enough space to return their gaming chairs without beating each other, and that players have beaten their heads of lighting bodies.

Korb3n also claims that the PCs in the practice room - in the Team Spirit will also play his group matches for Ti10 - without internet connection.

It seems that it is not just the team spirit that does not keep it ideal training conditions. Korb3n claims that teams who have qualified in the DPC ranking below, such as [Their Chairs].

New news from the manager of our Dota squad! @ Korb3n shows how the exercise room looks and speaks about problems with which our players were confronted ???????? spiritix spiritdota

  • Team spirit (@Team spirit) 4 . October 2021

While the way to Ti10 for Valve and Organizer PGL was extremely bumped, the execution of the event was criticized after they had to change the hosts of Stockholm, Sweden, after Bucharest.

Although Valve started in just a few days, Valve announced yesterday that it will be reimbursement of ticket sales for spectators, and claimed that it could no longer be easier for an audience, that it enables us to health and Prioritizing the well-being of both the viewers and the participants, mainly due to an increase in Covid cases in Romania.

The disclosure of the Team Spirit Team Spirit - for a tournament that has $ 40 million, which has the largest prize pool in the history of the ESPORT - will probably also encounter disappointment.

Both Valve and PGL were asked for a comment to the video of Team Spirit.


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